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SPOILER ALERT: You should skip this item if you didn’t watch last night’s eventful episodes of Desperate Housewives and The Sopranos, both of which left us scratching our heads at times over the following burning questions:

Q: The nurse who called Susan (Teri Hatcher) a skank and blurted out her own feelings for Susan’s beau Dr. Ron: Is she the same nurse who was obliviously listening to music on headphones when Mama Solis took her fatal tumble?
A: Yes. Nurse Ruth Ann is played by Dagney Kerr, who’s also had recurring guest roles on such shows as George Lopez and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Q: What was that eerie monologue over the opening montage of the Sopranos premiere?
A: That was the late author William S. Burroughs reading a passage from his book The Western Lands. The recording, called ”Seven Souls,” is one he made with Bill Laswell’s fusion band Material in 1989. You can read the text, in which Burroughs describes the ancient Egyptians’ notion that everyone has seven souls, here.

Q: What was Uncle Junior (Dominic Chianese, pictured) saying when he shot Tony (James Gandolfini)?
A: We’re not sure, and we’ve watched the passage over and over on the HBO video-on-demand version, where the closed captioning identifies it only as an unspecified Italian phrase. All we could make out was the word ”Malanga,” a reference to Junior’s old enemy Pussy Malanga, whom he’d been complaining about to Tony earlier in the backyard. Tony had replied that Malanga was long since dead (he’s the wiseguy Junior had plotted to whack at Artie’s restaurant in the very first episode of The Sopranos), but Tony’s increasingly senile and paranoid uncle obviously mistook Tony for his old foe. The rest of Junior’s outburst sounded like some kind of curse or threat, but we couldn’t make it out. Not even Chianese can tell us what the line was. Talking today in a chat on the Washington Post‘s website, the actor said only, ”I called out a name, Malanga, Pussy Malanga, somebody known by Uncle Junior in a former time. In other words it was threat to Malanga.” So if any of you can tell us the exact words he said, and what they mean, let us know below.

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