Bettie Page is almost as renowned for her decades of seclusion as for her risque 1950s pinup photos (like the one at near left). But now, the 82-year-old legend has resurfaced. Talking to the Los Angeles Times, she comments briefly on her enduring popularity, including the impending April release of the biopic The Notorious Bettie Page, starring Gretchen Mol (far left). Her lone beef: Why ”Notorious”? She seems to be unashamed of anything she’s done in a life that’s ranged from teaching school to posing for nude and fetish photos to becoming a born-again crusader for Billy Graham to being institutionalized after attacking her landlady with a knife. All she asks now is not to be photographed. ”I want to be remembered as I was when I was young and in my golden times,” she says. ”I want to be remembered as a woman who changed people’s perspectives concerning nudity in its natural form.” Okay, Bettie, will do.

addCredit(“The Notorious Bettie Page: Abbot Genser; Bettie Page: Photofest”)