How does Agent 007 fight his most troublesome foe: negative buzz? Perhaps by offering reporters a trip to the Bahamas, to the set of Casino Royale. That’s what the film’s producers did this week, and it seems to have paid off with an avalanche of mostly positive coverage from international print, TV, and online reporters.

For instance, USA Today writes that the film may be ”the first art-house-style 007 movie.” The paper’s article and an accompanying photo of Daniel Craig in action suggest that this will be a much grittier, grimier Bond movie than we’re used to, with a hero who relies more on his wits than on Q’s gadgets, which will be absent from the film. (USA Today also has a cast photo gallery.)

Reuters lets Craig defend himself against the hatas who say he’s miscast. Second-string Bond girl Caterina Murino tells MTV News that shooting a love scene with Craig ”felt very, very good. Danny is a great actor and I was comfortable with it. Very sexy. He has a great, huge body. He’s very sexy, I think the sexiest in James Bond’s history.” Okay, okay, we get it.

Fans who want more reassurance, or who just want to see some cool behind-the-scenes footage, can watch the TV reports from Extra and the BBC. And there’s still more news from the set at SuperHeroHype, including a mild spoiler about the new opening sequence.

So, are you finally feeling shaken and stirred about Casino Royale? Can we finally spill that Craig Haterade down the drain, or do you remain unconvinced?