Fauxbituary: EW remembers Edgar Stiles of ''24.'' Here's what fans will miss most about him


DIED MAR. 6, 2006 (APPROXIMATELY 6:59 P.M.) Edgar Stiles, 36, intelligence analyst for the Los Angeles branch of the government’s Counterterrorism Unit, died of toxic gas poisoning in the line of duty. Stiles, a graduate of New York University, was an expert in information and data retrieval, able to multitask despite a frequently debilitating shyness and mild speech impediment. In 2005, he helped expose Marianne Taylor as a ”mole” working against the United States. Acting CTU chief Bill Buchanan said tersely, ”Edgar Stiles was an invaluable member of our team.” Co-worker Chloe O’Brian, her voice choked with a rare degree of emotion, said, ”Of course I’ll miss the big lug! He did a good job — not as good as me, of course, and sometimes he got on my nerves, but everybody around here gets on my nerves. Edgar did that less. Now, please, stop looking at me.” Stiles was frequently mistaken for New Jersey-based FBI agent Skip Lipari, part of a team investigating the Anthony Soprano crime family, but said in 2001, ”Why would I get involved in that mess? I got a good job, and my mother is enough of an enforcer in my life.”

Edgar’s mother died in 2005; he has no known survivors. CTU agent Jack Bauer could not be reached for comment.

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