Facts about the Oscar telecast -- Or, what we did during the commercials

38.9 million — Number of people watching the show in the U.S.

5 — Number of people watching the show from heaven, according to acceptance speeches.

9 — Number of times Salma Hayek futzed with her hair in front of 38.9 million people (plus five in heaven).

3 of 6 — Best Supporting Actress winners since 2000 who were pregnant.

2 mins. 29 sec. — Time elapsed before the first Brokeback Mountain joke.

19 mins. — Time elapsed before the first award was handed out.

213 mins. — Length of the telecast.

15 vs. 12 — Jack Nicholson vs. George Clooney in the which-cool-guy-got-more-shout-outs-and-screen-time contest.

1947 — Last year in which the most Oscars won by any film was just three.

1961 — Last year in which all four acting winners took home a trophy for their first acting nod.

3 — Wins by alumni of (hello, Tootie!) TV’s Facts of Life (Clooney: one; former show writer Paul Haggis: two).

$53,404,817 — Theatrical gross of Crash, the lowest Best Picture total since 1987’s The Last Emperor made $43,984,230.

$51,470,821 — Theatrical gross of 2003 Best Picture LOTR: The Return of the King…in its first two days.

3 — Number of times conductor Bill Conti and his orchestra were singled out for applause.

0 — Number of times U.S. troops in Iraq were singled out for applause.

29% — Portion of the evening’s winners who had previously won Oscars.

5 — Winners in jeans: four rappers from Three 6 Mafia and pimp daddy Larry McMurtry.