Courteney Cox (we’ve missed you, our Friend!) will play a celeb tabloid editor on FX’s drama pilot Dirt. ”A lot of it is through…the point of view of her main paparazzo, a barely functional schizophrenic,” says writer-director Matthew Carnahan (Fastlane). ”He has hallucinations and visions of the apocalypse.”… Having wrapped a spot as a henpecked hubby on The Simpsons (it’ll air March 26), Ricky Gervais is eyeing his next entrée into American TV: writing an episode of NBC’s The Office. ”The first draft is off to them,” he says. And what would be in that draft? ”[Michael] tries to show what a great guy he is by accepting people from all walks of life, but finds out that political correctness is sometimes too hard.”

John Travolta will cross-dress to play mama Edna Turnblad in a film take on Broadway’s Hairspray, itself a version of the ’88 flick…. The sick mastermind behind Hostel, Eli Roth, is attached to direct an adaptation of Stephen King‘s Cell, about a virus that moves through mobile phones and causes folks to go all feral.