Don’t tell Bill O’Reilly or Michael Medved, but the incendiary poster art for next week’s V for Vendetta was inspired by old Russian communist propaganda posters. That would probably be apparent anyway to art history majors, but for the rest of us, producer Joel Silver and poster art director Ron Michaelson explain to EW’s Gilbert Cruz in the forthcoming issue how they were inspired by an exhibition of Bolshevik posters at London’s Tate Gallery. Like the propaganda art of that era, the V poster makes use of skewed angles, fuzzy edges, and a red-and-black palette. ”I wanted people to feel as if the posters came directly from the movie,” Silver says. ”I said, ‘If we were actually going to mount a revolution here, what would the imagery look like?” Ideological origins aside, I think more movie posters should look like this; I know I’d be much more interested in seeing The Shaggy Dog if its poster resembled this one.

[UPDATE: See the whole series here.]