Judging by all the acclaim (including a screenwriting Oscar nomination) for Match Point, it seems that the most salutary thing Woody Allen has done for his career lately is to shoot outside of Manhattan.

Now comes news from Variety that this summer, as his comedy Scoop hits theaters (it’s his second London-based film in a row, and the second one starring Scarlett Johansson), Allen will be filming a movie in Paris, to be followed by one next year in Barcelona. The plots are secret, of course, but early word is that the Paris film will have a largely American cast, while the Barcelona film will have a Spanish and international cast.

Don’t know if this means Johansson is coming to Paris for her third go-round as ingenue/leading lady, but if she’s busy, Allen could always call upon local talent — say, Audrey Tautou (Amelie) or Eva Green (The Dreamers, Casino Royale). Mathieu Kassovitz (Amelie, Munich) would be a good choice for the Allen stand-in, the nebbishy, wisecracking lead. The loopy grande dame (the Dianne Wiest/Judy Davis role) could go to Fanny Ardant (8 Women), while the svengali/mentor role could go to Jean Reno (The Professional). Then, in Spain, Javier Bardem (The Sea Inside) could play a lead, say, an adulterous husband. Maribel Verdu (Y Tu Mama También) would get the female lead. Carmen Maura (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown) gets the older woman role.

Let’s hear your international casting suggestions for Allen below.