The Sopranos
Credit: The Sopranos: HBO

Hoping to drum up excitement for this Sunday’s double premiere of The Sopranos and Big Love, HBO has made available a 10-minute clip of the first episode of Big Love (at AOL Television). And as for The Sopranos, well, we did our best, but omerta still reigns there, so no preview clips, but there is this addictive Sopranos Sudoku game (posted, aptly, by New Jersey’s Star-Ledger newspaper).

Will it be enough to compete with ABC’s Sunday night one-two punch of Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy? Probably not. In a way, The Sopranos is about to become the victim of its own success. To wit: Housewives might never have been greenlit without the example of HBO’s Six Feet Under, a show made possible in turn by the popularity of The Sopranos. Still, it’s possible that Sopranos devotees will stick around to watch HBO.

Which will you watch, and which will you record to watch later?

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