Christina Aguilera may not have a title or a release date for her new album (due some time this summer), but as she hinted to EW back in January, she’s finding inspiration in the music of jazz legends such as Billie Holiday and Pearl Bailey, as well as in modern, gritty pop music. The ”Beautiful” singer confirmed this direction in a recent interview with Billboard, noting, “Some of the songs are kept authentic, sticking to a really raw, old-soul sound, where others combine elements of old blues, jazz and soul with a hard modern-day edge.”

Now I’m not saying Xtina shouldn’t explore all her artistic passions, but I also think it’s fair to ask: Which version do you prefer? The well-coiffed, sophisticated lady who recently collaborated with Herbie Hancock or the chaps-sportin’ tartlet who glared her way through the ”Dirrty” video alongside freaky plushies and Redman? I enjoy both varieties, but I’m gonna have to cast my vote for the latter. (C’mon now, how can you deny a song that helped Drew Lachey score his Dancing With the Stars trophy?)

What do you think, PopWatchers?

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