Diego Catano, Daniel Miranda, ...

Duck Season

The tender and droll Mexican charmer Duck Season captures the stalled rhythms of a lazy Sunday shared by pals, a time of idleness in which pleasure gets tangled with melancholy. Pizza is the sustenance of choice for 14-year-old buddies Flama (Daniel Miranda) and Moko (Diego Cataño), the better to fuel their parent-free afternoon of indolence and Xbox in the unremarkable Mexico City apartment where Flama lives with his mother while his parents fight through a divorce. And before the inconsequential yet unforgettable day turns to night, a prickly pizza delivery guy (Enrique Arreola) and a restless teenage neighbor girl (Danny Perea) join the cocoon.

Sometimes the building’s power goes out. Always, the scenes — shot in black and white, with plenty of space for the evocative music of the Mexican power-pop trio Liquits — cut to black, as if to induce a quick catnap. A feature debut for writer-director Fernando Eimbcke, Duck Season unfolds with a slaphappy logic that only looks casual. In fact, every unfinished conversation and banal picture on the wall (one’s of ducks) matters as four little people share one memorable little day.

Duck Season
  • Movie
  • 85 minutes