Kid Rock, Macaulay Culkin
Credit: Macaulay Culkin: Mychal Watts/; Kid Rock: Bill Livingston/

Hey, Macaulay Culkin (left)! We hear you’ve been having trouble scoring roles in Hollywood these days, so we hope you don’t mind a suggestion from your friends at PopWatch: How about developing a big-screen biopic about the life of Kid Rock (right)? You’ve got an uncanny resemblance to the raucous rocker, and we bet he’d have a heck of a story to tell. One bit of advice though: Please don’t submit to any kind of Star Swap-style reality show: I mean, a Macaulay Culkin sex tape? A Kid Rock novel? I don’t need to see that!

addCredit(“Macaulay Culkin: Mychal Watts/; Kid Rock: Bill Livingston/”)