By Erin Richter
Updated March 07, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST
PRIME: Andrew Schwartz

There’s awkward funny, as in NBC’s hit The Office, and then there’s awkward awkward, as in Prime, a hackneyed romantic dramedy from writer-director Ben Younger. Of course, Uma Thurman glows as Rafi, a 37-year-old divorcée who falls for a sexy 23-year-old. And Meryl Streep effortlessly kvetches as the therapist who discovers her Jewish son’s girlfriend is her gentile patient. But any potential for a smart comedy is quashed by clumsy dialogue like this overshare between Rafi and her therapist/beau’s mom: ”His penis is so beautiful I just want to knit it a hat.”

Not prime enough. Commentary with Younger and producer Jennifer Todd details the Yiddishisms and NYC settings, as well as how they got permission to reproduce a Rothko painting. A making-of reveals the story’s weak autobiographical roots and that Streep believes Younger has ”the confidence of an older soul.” That’s a compliment, right?