Whether you’re on Team Brokeback or Team Crash, I think there’s one thing we can all agree on about Sunday night’s Oscar telecast: There simply weren’t enough montages. (I jest!) Okay, in a year in which the nominees included Good Night, and Good Luck, Brokeback Mountain, and Crash, the recap of ”issue” films made sense (though, if I’m not mistaken, it featured a clip of The Day After Tomorrow — sigh). But seriously, considering the telecast ran a full 3 1/2 hours, you’d think producer Gil Cates might’ve left out the superfluous tribute to film noir. Or perhaps the one about biopics. Or maybe the please-go-to-the-theater-and-stop-buying-DVDs montage (a.k.a. the tribute to sweeping epics).

Then again, maybe it’s just me. Cates told the Los Angeles Times’ Channel Island blog he suspected average viewers enjoyed the clips, but “you have to deal with an understandably effete response to it” from critics. (Effete? Moi?)

Cates also talked to Channel Island about the other annoying aspect of this year’s Oscar telecast (which scored an average of 38.8 million viewers, down 8 percent from 2005). No, not that garish set. (But good point!) I was going to call out the fact that the orchestra played ominously throughout everyone’s acceptance speeches. Why not just have a muscle-bound goon stand to the side of the podium with a hook while you’re at it? Cates said he had thought it would add ”a unified thread” to the ceremony, but he’s not sure if he’ll do it again in 2007.

So PopWatchers, with the 2007 Oscars a full year away, any other suggestions on how to improve the telecast? Maybe a montage of middling romantic comedies? Or perhaps something funny, like host Jon Stewart’s gay cowboy clip reel? Holla back!