Let me just say something: Michael Slezak is not a fan of marginally untalented reality-TV participants who insist on trying to score an underserved 16th minute of fame. And Michael Slezak really doesn’t like it when said people refer to themselves in the third person. Which brings Michael Slezak to recent American Idol reject Brenna Gethers, who told the New York Post she’s going to be a “triple-threat” singer, dancer, and actor. ”It’s all about Brenna Gethers. You gotta either love it or hate it, but you will talk about it — I will be talked about,” she said, adding that America’s ”appetite has just been whetted for Brenna.”

Oh, Brenna Gethers, do you know what “whetted” means? Has Brenna heard Brenna’s versions of ”You Are the Sunshine of My Life” or ”Last Dance”? And more importantly, PopWatchers, if Brenna is indeed determined to go to Hollywood, what in the world should the entertainment industry do when Brenna gets there? Hire Brenna to work the catering table? Encourage Brenna to take up stunt work? Brenna Gethers has got to make a living, so drop your suggestions in the PopWatch box!