Edie Falco, Lorraine Bracco, James Gandolfini, and Michael Imperioli talk about the shows end, their post-mafia futures, and ... panty hose
James Gandolfini

EW So, are you guys starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now?
EDIE FALCO I’m seeing the darkness at the end of the tunnel. I’m not really looking forward to being unemployed again.
LORRAINE BRACCO I don’t really want it to end. I haven’t seen a movie that’s inspired me, or acting or writing that has inspired me as much as this show has. A lot of our one-hour episodes are as good as any f—ing movie out there today.

EW The sense that I’ve gotten from most of the cast is that they would do this for as long as David Chase wanted. But that’s not necessarily the case with you, Jim, is it?
JAMES GANDOLFINI Look, this has been a great thing, and continues to be a great thing. In a way, I am glad that we are coming back for the next eight. We can all regroup and come back quickly instead of having a year and a half off and then starting again. I think that was a little…disrupting, personally. But to end and have a break and come back fresh and do eight more — I think that’s a good idea. That might be enough creatively for me.
MICHAEL IMPERIOLI David knows what he’s got inside him. He’d be the last guy to want to thin the soup. He’s obsessively trying to make the show as vital and creative as possible, so I trust what he decides.
JG No one is as hard on David as David. And he is not playing it safe in any way — that’s for sure.

EW What will you miss most about doing the show?
JG Screwing around with the crew and everybody.
LB I agree with you. We’ve been extremely spoiled with living and working in New York.
JG Can you imagine us in Vancouver or something?
EF No way. We wouldn’t have made it through six episodes.
JG No, we wouldn’t have made it. Not that there’s anything against Vancouver.
LB The plane ride alone? Shoot me now!

EW What will you not miss about doing the show?
JG For me, time stopped for a little bit. You don’t get to go away a lot and do other things because you’re working. I’d like to just look at different things, even just having a little time to travel or challenge yourself differently — that’s all. It’s time to break out of the box a little bit.
EF I look forward to not having as much hair and makeup time. Two hours, every day! First thing I do is sit in the chair and glue the nails on — I’m over that.
LB I won’t miss the panty hose.
JG I will, however.
MI For me, it’s a win-win situation. It’s been great, and then we move on and do something else. There’s no downside to this thing. I mean, can you imagine doing seven years on a show you didn’t like? I can’t imagine that level of misery.
JG There is probably a handful of times in the entire time that I’ve [gotten a script] and said, ”I don’t know about this.” As far as I’m concerned, 90 percent of the time I let [the writers] be. I mean, I moan and complain about things because that’s my nature. But they’re very good and I feel very lucky.

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