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This Old Road

Reviewing new albums from Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson

These two ex-Highwaymen took different forks in the road. Kristofferson is releasing his first studio album in more than a decade, whereas Nelson puts out so much product, you’d think he had a wager going with labelmate Ryan Adams. And while everything about Kris’ mostly solo-acoustic comeback sounds struggled over, from his ruminative lyrics to that rode-hard-‘n’-put-away-wet voice, the relaxed Western swing in Nelson’s disc of Bob Wills-era oldies is all about the unbearable lightness of being Willie. Kristofferson finds peace through turmoil, and Nelson achieves it through coasting, or at least its illusion. Depending which days you listen, you’ll be certain they’re both right. Road: B+ Walker: B-

This Old Road
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