American Idol, Carrie Underwood | ''Alone'' by Heart (1987), sung during Top 11 — Billboard Number Ones night Nobody figured the corn-fed country girl could rock out, but when Carrie…
Credit: Fox

Overrated ”American Idol” contestants: Carrie Underwood

FINISHING POSITION First place (season 4)

GREATEST MISSTEP Hands down, a monumentally soulless disco-week rendition of ”MacArthur Park,” complete with a final note that sounded like a subway train screeching to a sudden halt. The fact that Carrie later admitted she had no idea what she was singing about exemplified her problem throughout the competition: a frequent lack of emotional connection with the material she’d chosen to sing.

WHY WE’RE BITTER Okay, Carrie fans, let the hate-mail campaign begin. But while your girl did hit more notes than she missed, how could you have overlooked her scary-starched stage presence, or even worse, those line readings that had all the passion of an ESL student at phonetics class?