Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

Letters from our readers

Picture Perfect

Major praise to photographer James White! As a subscriber who used to chuckle at letters saying how much a cover photo made someone breathless, I felt like I was having an asthma attack when I saw the picture of Natalie Portman. I’m not a huge fan of Portman’s, but White’s talent made this one of the most striking celebrity photographs I’ve ever seen. By simply using a close-up, the image of the actress shows strength, sexuality, maturity, and beauty beyond her years.
Bedford, N.H.

After reading your latest Spring Movie Preview, I thought of that famous dig about the cable industry: you know, 200 channels and nothing’s on. If I had been writing the tagline for your cover story, it would have been ”93 new films, not one of which you’ll be truly excited about seeing!” How soon before the Summer Movie Preview issue shows up to make up for it?
Gilbert, Ariz.

Upon seeing Natalie Portman’s gorgeous face, striking eyes, and beautifully short hair, my palms started sweating as I anticipated the wonders that V for Vendetta would deliver using the incredible talents of this powerful actress. EW’s cover provided an image that I will harbor in my psyche, one that stares into my soul. This DC Comics movie will be fantastic. I loved the other ones, and although Padmé is a thing of the past, hopefully Natalie Portman will be a part of our future.
Calabasas, Calif.

The Ford Files

Was I the only one who was impressed by the depth of Harrison Ford’s fury (”Tough Guy”)? What doesn’t make this man angry? I found myself feeling pity for someone who is obviously unhappy, and reevaluating the envy I felt toward him in the past. Here’s hoping he’ll get that irritating Indiana Jones 4 behind him and get on with a life that has some meaning and purpose.
Terre Haute, Ind.

How generous of you to say 63-year-old Harrison Ford is of ”late middle age” in your review of Firewall. I hope I’m still around to see if he makes it to 126.
Columbus, Ohio

Doing Curls

As a fourth-generation curler whose chosen sport is overshadowed by glamorous winter sports like the biathlon, I wept with joy when I read your shout-out to Olympic curling (The Must List). On behalf of curlers everywhere I say: May your rocks always hit the button.
Portland, Ore.

Cracking the Code

Thank you, Lisa Schwarzbaum, for accurately pointing out the deep flaws in Firewall (Movies). I had such high hopes for this film, as Harrison Ford is Harrison Ford and Paul Bettany is what I like to call one of the greatest actors that no one knows. (Yet!) He’s an excellent villain with the highest potential. However, other factors led to the downfall of Firewall, and I personally am shocked that it made it to theaters in the condition it’s in. Who saw this and said, ”Yes, that’s absolutely the ending we want, the plot is strong as can be, and those characters need no more development”? As a movie fanatic and a Paul Bettany fan, I find it painful to watch.
Hays, Kan.

Under ‘Arrest’

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts in keeping Arrested Development alive. Your writers’ frantic pleading with their readers to please watch this show is exactly what I do with all my friends and family. It’s so discouraging that brilliant entertainment can’t find a home, while crap like Skating With Celebrities and Trading Spouses continues to pollute the airwaves.
Oviedo, Fla.

Week after week since its debut episode, there has been some article or blurb printed about Arrested Development (Television). What I find funny is after all the press, airtime, and Emmys, the show never found its audience. Fox gave Arrested nearly three years to blossom, but it never did. They changed nights. This didn’t seem to help either. Folks, it is simple. The other networks would have pulled the plug after show 4, season 1. Arrested was given ample opportunity to shine, and we the viewers didn’t respond. So something didn’t click. It could have been its irreverent humor and quirky characters, or that it was just so different. Fans should feel extremely privileged they got three seasons, with the possibility of a network move, and move on.
St. Louis, Mo.

CORRECTIONS: Rachel Hunter was born in New Zealand (Style). A photo on page 69 that accompanies a review of House shows actor James Immekus, not Christopher Cousins (Television: What to Watch).