Okay, it’s lame that I didn’t know about this service until I saw it mentioned on Gawker, especially since it’s been hovering at the nether regions of my cable-channel lineup for about five months, but to be fair, I’d have spotted it a lot sooner if it hadn’t been hiding out at Oxygen‘s video-on-demand channel. If your digital cable carrier includes Oxygen On Demand in its lineup, check out the section called ”Oh! Air Karaoke,” which provides lyrics and backing arrangements to dozens of sing-along standards (”Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” ”Flashdance,” ”Baby Love,” ”Summer Wind,” etc.).

You’ll never go to a karaoke bar again; in fact, I predict that, when no one else is home, you’ll be secretly singing aloud to your guilty karaoke favorite. Mine will be ”The Gambler.” What’s yours?