Was anyone else psyched that the judges played musical chairs on American Idol last night? For those of you who missed it, Paula swapped seats with Randy at mid-episode, after Simon likened her to a ”precocious child.” I’m not sure if the move was spontaneous or premeditated, but I’m hoping it’s permanent. For one thing, having Randy in the middle served as a buffer that allowed Simon to voice his critiques without Abdullian interruption. What’s more, with Paula sounding off first, Randy had fewer opportunities for his ”yo, yo, what’s up” intros. Most surprising of all, though, the change of position yielded some of the ”Vibeology” singer‘s most salient comments in, well, ever. Paula, was that really you telling the insufferable Brenna Gethers that she’d lost her audition-round magic? Let’s have some more of that, yo!

What did you think of last night’s judge swap? And do you think it’ll happen again on tonight’s men’s semifinal?