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What are the best show opening credits?

What are your favorite show opening credits? I’d say to this day nothing comes close to the ultracool Hawaii Five-O intro. — Jimmy
Nice call on Hawaii Five-O! I’d add Taxi, with Bob James’ clean, wistful instrumental and that steady image of a cab driving over the Queensboro Bridge (manned by Tony Danza — extra points for that sneaky tie-in). It’s a quiet, reflective opening for a show that was always both smart and humane. In terms of current series, the poignant music and dismal views of Scranton, Pa., in the introduction to NBC’s The Office sets the tone perfectly for a comedy that deals in workplace gloom. FX’s The Shield packs a nice wallop of rage (gotta like any theme that actually features a person yelling), and I always sit through the opening of Rescue Me with the Von Bondies’ ”C’mon, C’mon” and its images of rush, fury, and despair. Finally, I love the incredibly simple credits for ABC’s Lost — the single word floating ghostlike toward us paired with that slightly mechanical, unidentifiable noise (submarine? airplane? monster radar?). Spare and ominous, it’s a moody, mysterious opening for an enigma of a show.

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