Tea Leoni
Credit: Tea Leoni: Steve Granitz/

Which of these forthcoming film treatments of romance and sexual manners sounds more promising?

-Tea Leoni (pictured) is starring in Funlady, a comedy based on the true story of an Arkansas single mom who makes ends meet by hosting ”passion parties,” Tupperware party-like events where she sells sex toys to married Bible Belt women. Hubby David Duchovny is producing.

-Think of it as ”Jane Austen in Love.” Brokeback Mountain‘s Anne Hathaway is starring in Becoming Jane, about how Austen used her own love life as an inspiration for such novels as Pride & Prejudice. James McAvoy (The Chronicles of Narnia‘s Mr. Tumnus) is the male romantic lead.

Okay, watching people play with sex toys always makes for a welcome sight gag on screen, but c’mon, wasn’t Austen a funlady as well, in a corseted, pre-Victorian England kind of way?

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