Do Mariah Carey and movies belong together? Apparently, producer Lee Daniels (Monster’s Ball) thinks so, as he’s cast the pop star in the indie drama Tennessee, in which she’ll play a waitress who tries to locate her long-lost father after her brother is diagnosed with leukemia. Daniels told Variety that he’d never seen Carey’s 2001 debacle Glitter (well, duh!), but that her recent musical comeback and her work in 2002’s Wisegirls convinced him she was right for the part.

(I would weigh in with an opinion, but my therapist has advised me not to — Glitter flashbacks and all. You understand, right?)

So I leave it you, PopWatchers? What do you think? Does Carey deserve a second chance at movie stardom, or is this an ill-advised decision that’ll put her resurgent singing career at risk?