Robert Altman
Credit: Robert Altman: Arnd Wiegmann/Reuters

Okay, so I guess you can consider this week’s question your own personal Oscar gift bag.

What do Oscar nominees Julie Christie, Sally Kellerman, Helen Mirren, Maggie Smith, and Lily Tomlin have in common? They were all nominated for Oscars for a role in a film directed by Robert Altman (pictured), who will receive an Honorary Academy Award on Sunday.

Christie received a nomination for McCabe & Mrs. Miller (she earlier won Best Actress for Darling); Kellerman for M*A*S*H; Mirren and Smith for Gosford Park (Smith earlier won Best Actress for The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and Best Supporting Actress for California Suite); and Tomlin for Nashville.

A whole bunch of you (see the never-ending list after the jump…) knew that.

Come back Friday for the last of these Oscar-focused HeadScratchers. I continue my quest to find that “not too easy, not too difficult” question that knocks your socks off.

addCredit(“Robert Altman: Arnd Wiegmann/Reuters”)

Interestingly, some of you knew that all five ladies had acted inan Altman-directed film, but didn’t make it clear that they wereactually nominated for said role. As I’ve said before, I ask forspecificity. Otherwise, the list of “women who have acted in an Altmanfilm” could also include Glenn Close, Julianne Moore, Whoopi Goldberg,Julia Roberts, and — around this time next year — Meryl Streep andLindsay Lohan! See my point? But, as usual, I’m heartened by how many of you made the connection, so I’ll keep the scolding to a minimum.

First, the list of those of you who got the correct answer:

Kurt Albrand
Laurie Anderson
John Book
Allison Boone
Glenn Bradie
Kevin M. Brady
Ryan Burkett
Anne Cathcart
Connie L. Chilton
Rafael Concepcion
Dan D’Addario
Sean Dries
Jill Ferrante
Mike Flohr
Aaron Fullerton
Rod Ganske
Justin Glaser
Dyan Glazer
Adam Groves
Mark Harris
Chris Hokanson
Katy Hollenbaugh
Reggie Hui
Daniel Kielman
Jon Knipp
Camille Knox
Kevin Kochanski
Tim Konieczny
Ethan Kutinsky
David Lackford
James Leone
Reymond Levy
Jay Lewis
Kerin Lou
Wayne Luna
Charles Lupica
Burt McCoy
Jeff Middents
Frank J. Miles
Heidi Nelson
David Novero
Christopher Page
Jenny Plante
Jamie D. Prenkert
Harold Reynolds
Todd Ritter
John Romais
Jennifer Roseland
Ron Rucker
Jesse Saba
Gary Sanginario
Karla Saunders
Kieran Scanlon
Bobby Simic
Jenn Stephens
Brett Swartz
Brianne Todd
Paul Udovitsch
Josh Vogel
Josh Weil
Lisa Wood
Patrick A. Yearout

Second, those of you who knew the Altman connection, but didn’t realize that these women were nominated for acting in an Altman-directed film:

Jeff Commings
Brian DiLeandro
Will Dyson
Tim Greening
Stephaan Harris
Kirby Holt
Brad Hudgins
Matt Jones
Matt LaPierre
Daniel Macchietto
Scott Malchus
Wayne Marshall
Amelia May
Ron Mwangaguhunga
Ed Nemmers
Limtong Ong
Sally Waters
John Webster
Stephanie Wolferman
L. Wright