Credit: Olympics Closing Ceremony: 1, Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images; 2,4 Elsa/Getty Images; 3,5: Jeff Haynes: Getty Images

According to Nielsen, you were probably watching ABC’s Dancing With the Stars finale/Grey’s Anatomy combo last night; it ski-jumped over the Olympics‘ closing ceremonies on NBC, which had half as many viewers. So you probably missed the Fellini-esque circus that marked the end of the games. For those of you who didn’t TiVo it (or who did but don’t have the patience to sit through all four hours of surreal fun), here’s a quick visual summary. Yes, that’s an Alice in Wonderland-style pack of living playing cards, probably marching to cut off Bode Miller’s head. Yes, that man is snowboarding on air. Yes, the harlequins were on horseback. And yes, the Olympians wore red rubber noses. Any other questions?