-No. 1 with a bullet this weekend is Annette Bening (pictured), coming out of showbiz limbo to play the title role in Mrs. Harris, about the fatal attraction between Bening’s title character and Ben Kingsley’s Dr. Herman Tarnower, of Scarsdale Diet fame. (HBO, Saturday at 8 p.m.)

Sunday night is the deathmatch between the closing ceremony of the Olympics (NBC, 7 p.m.), with Italy’s Andrea Bocelli battling Canda’s Avril Lavigne for unlikely-pop-star world supremacy, and the Dancing With the Stars finale (ABC, 8 p.m.), in which someone’s hopes of career resurrection beyond the C-list will be dealt a fatal blow.

-See what it was like to uncover a White House scandal in the days before the veep started packing heat, in All the President’s Men, now out in a special edition two-disc DVD.

-Listen to Other People’s Lives, the solo debut from Kink Kapo Ray Davies, recorded in the wake of his nearly fatal shooting by a New Orleans mugger.

-Read Lucy Ellmann’s Doctors & Nurses, a funny novel about an R.N. with a crush on a lethal medic (call him Dr. McScreamy)

-Several of the Oscar-nominated foreign language films, all of them dealing with homicidal violence, are expanding into more theaters throughout the country this weekend. Front-runner Paradise Now examines the motivations of Palestinian would-be suicide bombers. German entry Sophie Scholl — The Final Days is a biopic about a Gentile student who became an anti-Nazi resistance leader and paid with her life. Tsotsi is about a South African street thug who finds himself caring for the baby of a carjacking victim he shot.

-Thankfully, no one gets killed in this faux movie trailer, a sick but brutally funny mash-up of Toy Story 2 and Requiem for a Dream. But it’ll kill all your hopes and dreams for sure. Enjoy!

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