Ultimate Avengers: The Movie

Not quite ultimate, but deluxe enough for fanboys, Ultimate Avengers: The Movie, the first title in a series of ‘toons based on Marvel Comics’ most popular titles, represents the latest phase of the company’s master plan to become the Disney of spandex. This brisk flick tells a classic origin tale: A threat too big for puny humans to handle (slimy green aliens!) requires the formation of Earth’s mightiest superteam, including Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. The movie may capture the nuanced psychological shadings (Captain America’s man-out-of-time melancholy is particularly poignant), kinetic action, and economical storytelling of the comic, but the animation here is He-Man cheap. EXTRAS A lo-fi doc on Avengers history isn’t meaty enough for savvy readers, yet it’s too geeky for newbies. Focusing more on classic story lines (The Kree/Skrull War! The Collector Saga!) would have been more illuminating than showcasing a few key artists. And if you play ”What Avenger Are You?” and learn that you’re the Hulk, see a shrink.

Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
  • Movie
  • 71 minutes