Seven cool things on Trying to find a way to procrastinate at work? Look no further than this site


Seven weird, wonderful music clips on

Oh, most favored procrastination destination, thy name is Since its debut last December, pop culture hounds have swarmed to the online video site for bootlegged sports clips, talk-show excerpts, home-video high jinks and — best of all — rare and vintage music treasures. Here are a few:

1. What’s fun, French-y, and ridiculously mod? Gallic ’60s icon Serge Gainsbourg and his onetime lady love, the jumpsuited (and here, brunet) sexpot Brigitte Bardot, performing the boppy, onomatopoeic (”Shabam! Pow! Plop! Whizzzz!”) ditty ”Comic Strip.” Watch it here

2. Remember those ”Clang! Clang! Clang! Went the Trolley” ladies from SNL? In an undated but ’70s-esque clip, David Bowie and Cher (for the hair, we have no words) croon their way through an insanely comprehensive medley that kicks off with ”Young Americans.” Genius. Watch it here

3. The clip is fuzzy and of indeterminate age, but judging by the costumes (and Michael Jackson‘s face), it’s the early to mid-’80s when the King of Pop and Prince join James Brown for an off-the-chain funk workout — three masters, all in or near their prime. Watch it here

4. This clip, which was purportedly taken from the 1976 Hard Rain TV special filmed in Fort Collins, Colo., features a bearded Bob Dylan — excellently working his boho, Zimmerman of Arabia look — performing a soul-squeezing version of ”Idiot Wind.” Watch it here

5. Go back to a time before the H.O.V.A. was izzoed — 1988, according to the poster of the video — when future superstar Jay-Z was but a mere puppy in a backward ball cap guesting on Big Jaz‘s Nubian-toasting single ”The Originators.” Were we all ever so young? Watch it here

6. Ever the eccentric troubadour, Beck goes even further out on Germany’s Sarah Kuttner: Die Show. He plays ”Clap Hands,” a bonus cut from 2005’s Guero deluxe edition with a cutlery-and-wineglass orchestra. It goes from Dada to the sublime and back again. Watch it here

7. For those who thought Mormons and black metal don’t mix…well, you’re still right, but that does nothing to diminish the shock and awe of this Me Decade clip of The Osmonds. Watch Donny and Co. tear it up (and dance some obscure form of the Watoosi) on psych-freakout ”Crazy Horses” as the guitars wail, the keyboard howls, and somehow, somewhere, Ozzy Osbourne rolls over and dies. Watch it here