By Melissa Rose Bernardo
Updated February 24, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST

If we’ve learned anything from the dope-dealing denizens of Weeds and the back-stabbing Desperate Housewives, it’s that there’s no shortage of drama in the suburbs. Debra Galant’s dysfunctional dark comedy — set in that fabled land of overzealous moms and oversize SUVs — treads similar territory. Rattled‘s premise is outrageous enough — Heather, thanks to one dead rattlesnake, morphs from high-maintenance housewife into media sensation — but her fictional New Jersey town is populated by exasperating stereotypes: the henpecked husband, the crooked real estate guy, the oblivious animal activist, and so on. By the time someone drops 1,500 lab rats on the doorstep of Heather’s McMansion (cleverly dubbed Walden), you’ll be ready to throw all these suburbanites to the snakes.