Prospero's Daughter

In the early 1960s, on a small island off the coast of Trinidad, the malevolent Dr. Peter Gardner — banished from his native England for performing bizarre medical experiments — lives in exile with his daughter, Virginia. Gardner inveigles his way into the home of the young mixed-race Carlos, and amuses himself trying to ”civilize” the boy. When Virginia and Carlos come of age and fall in love, the outraged Gardner accuses his prodigy of rape. In this loose retelling of The Tempest, Gardner is Prospero, Virginia is Miranda, and Carlos, who narrates the tale with smooth authority, is Caliban. After a bit of surprisingly heavy-handed sermonizing about the evils of colonialism, Elizabeth Nunez finds her stride, and Prospero’s Daughter clips right along, offering no small amount of page-turning delight.

Prospero's Daughter
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