Bono, Bob Geldof
Credit: Bob Geldof: Tom Hill/; Bono: Paul Natkin/ ;

Since Bono (at right) and Bob Geldof have both done a great deal to alleviate Third World poverty, how will the judges choose between these two Nobel Peace Prize nominees? Here’s a cheat sheet (hope they read PopWatch in Norway):

Songs about former Nobel Peace laureates?
Bono: Yes, two of them: U2’s ”Pride (In the Name of Love)” and ”MLK,” both about Martin Luther King.
Geldof: No.
Advantage: Bono

Songs against bloodshed?
Bono: ”Sunday Bloody Sunday,” decrying sectarian violence in Northern Ireland
Geldof: ”I Don’t Like Mondays,” about a San Diego school shooting
Advantage: Tie

Political correctness?
Bono: Hung out with Sen. Jesse Helms
Geldof: Released an album called The Vegetarians of Love
Advantage: Geldof

Irony-laden lyric about violence?
Bono: ”I’m only hanging on/To watch you go down/My love” (”So Cruel”)
Geldof: ”I don’t like Mondays/I want to shoot the whole day down” (”I Don’t Like Mondays”)
Advantage: Geldof

Honored as Time magazine’s Man of the Year?
Bono: Yes
Geldof: No
Advantage: Bono

Had to share Time’s Man of the Year honor with evil Microsoft overlord Bill Gates?
Bono: Yes
Geldof: No
Advantage: Geldof

Brokered any peace treaties?
Bono: No
Geldof: Got Pink Floyd to reunite for 20 minutes at Live 8
Advantage: Geldof

By my count, Geldof is the clear winner, 4 to 2, but Bono could still come from behind if he can get, say, Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono to bury the hatchet, or if Geldof manages to compose an iPod jingle more ubiquitous and annoying than ”Vertigo.”

(I’m totally emailing this link to His Majesty King Harald V as we speak.)

addCredit(“Bob Geldof: Tom Hill/; Bono: Paul Natkin/”)

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