Last night, all the competitors reassembled for the inevitable reunion show, which are usually painfully boring, rarely revealing the juicy behind-the-scenes tidbits we so desperately crave. (Who the hell did steal the chiffon?) Props for the Runway producers, then, for delivering a truly entertaining episode. I could write an entire post just about Santino’s tirades and Andrae’s frolicking, but I’d rather pick the five people whose transformations surprised me the most:

GUADALUPE (Pictured) Is she on something or what? It was hard to follow her nonsensical declarations of love for both Santino and The Man in Black (“I believe you can’t push the boundaries — like Johnny Cash — Walk the Line.”). Um, isn’t Johnny Cash, like, the worst example of respecting boundaries? That song’s about adultery, isn’t it?

JOHN Dude lost A LOT of weight, yo. Congrats. But I guess he had a lot of time on his hands, having been eliminated after the first challenge.

CHLOE Chloe still whimpers about her passion problems. Sorry, but whispering “I’m here” isn’t proof that you care.

ZULEMA I find Zulema more detestable than Santino. At least Santino is funny (“Daniel Franco, where did you go?”) — and is a decent designer. Zulema, on the other hand, is a subpar dressmaker who blames everyone else for her faults. No matter how brilliantly that model walked, her “tootie” still would have been exposed.

ANDRAE Ten minutes?! He cried for nearly 10 minutes? Why, oh why, didn’t the producers show us that great moment in its wallowing entirety? The montage of him bursting forth from a revolving door — over and over and over — was simply special.

(Did Heidi say, “They went like bagels”?)

Any insights for you, PopWatchers? Whose collection are you most looking forward to seeing?

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