American Idol
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-Maxim magazine digs up old cheesecake shots of Idol contestant Becky O’Donohue and her twin sister Jessie (pictured), taken two years ago for the mag’s online fantasy baseball contest.

-In other Idol sporting news, Idol trounced the Olympics for the third time in a row on Tuesday, with Idol drawing 29.9 million viewers to NBC’s average of 22.7 million during their two-hour face-off. At least NBC was smart enough to wait until 10 to show Sasha Cohen and the other skaters, drawing 28.4 million in the post-Idol hour.

-Speaking of lopsided competitions, is back in business, urging voters to keep this year’s Scott Savols in contention for as long as possible. Their dubious honorees this week: Brenna Gethers and Bobby Bennett. Ouch!

-Meanwhile, the New York Post is patting itself on the back for having gotten the Idol Powers That Be to close an alleged loophole that may have seen some fans’ text-message votes go uncounted because they didn’t know they could only text-vote via Cingular Wireless phones. Ryan Seacrest apparently mentions the Cingular singularity often during the show, but it may not have been apparent on the Idol website FAQ page until the Post’s muckrakers took action and got the page amended. Congrats, Post-ies, and let’s hope you’ll be covering the irregularities in real-life voting-machine elections with similar investigative scrutiny.

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