Credit: 24: Kelsey McNeal/Fox

Via TVTattle comes that US News & World Report squib (last item; scroll down) about how dozens of White House staffers TiVo 24. Setting aside the issue of torture (which, given the stream of new images from Abu Ghraib, seems not to work as efficiently or bloodlessly in real life as when Jack Bauer does it), let’s hope the White House isn’t taking tips on fighting the war on terror from craven president Charles Logan.

Gregory Itzin (pictured), who’s done an excellent job playing the weaselly chief executive this season, says he’s well aware of how unsettling it is for some 24 fans to see fiction meet reality, particularly when they spot Itzin on the links with golfing buddy Dennis Haysbert (who played Logan’s assassinated predecessor, President David Palmer). Itzin tells Zap2It that fans come up to him and say things like ”We just hate you. We want to reach into the TV and strangle you. You’re doing a fantastic job.” He says his role has made him understand why real presidents are so paranoid and dishonest. ”I can see how, why, these people are never honest with the American people,” he says. ”If you told the American people, really, what the world was like, there would be a collective nervous breakdown.”

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