Sophie Scholl - The Final Days

Sophie Scholl - The Final Days

Perhaps the Oscar will go to a Holocaust story; it’s been known to happen. Sophie Scholl — The Final Days, made with a gentle hand by Marc Rothemund, honors the hopeful notion of one person doing good against a tide of bad, retelling the story of Germany’s favorite Aryan anti-Nazi heroine, who died for her resistance work in the student-led White Rose movement. Julia Jentsch (The Edukators) makes a serene and brave Sophie. And the filmmaking is pricked by conscience too, building to an awful/satisfying emotional climax with restraint suitable for a 37-year-old German director facing his own country’s past shames. (Now playing in NYC and L.A.) Sophie Scholl has a certain quiet dignity that wins its audience popularity honestly.

Sophie Scholl - The Final Days
  • Movie
  • 117 minutes