Sacha Baron Cohen
Credit: Sasha Cohen: Kalle Parkkinen/; Sasha Cohen: MPS/ Sasha Baron Cohen: Theo Wargo/

Bad enough all of us Bachelor fans had to struggle last month to differentiate egg-rotting radiologist Allie G. from outrageous fictional TV personality Ali G., but now there’s the trouble with actor Sacha Baron Cohen (coincidentally or not, the man who portrays Ali G.) and U.S. champion figure skater Sasha Cohen. How the heck is a casual TV fan supposed to tell these two apart? Fear not, the PopWatch primer will get you through:

-Sasha Cohen (far left and second from right) judged aspiring designers’ creations on Bravo’s Project Runway; Sacha Baron Cohen (second from left and far right) judged celebrities’ designer frocks as Austrian fashion correspondent Bruno on HBO’s Da Ali G. Show.

-Sasha Cohen hopes to be sporting a gold medal after performing in the Women’s Figure Skating long program in Turin, Italy, on Thursday; Sacha Baron Cohen is known for sporting gold chains when performing as his Ali G. character.

-Sasha Cohen incited patriotic American fans to chant “USA! USA!” after a short-program performance Tuesday that ranked first among the judges; Sacha Baron Cohen incited patriotic American fans to a near-riot when he mangled the national anthem at a Virginia rodeo while in character as clueless Kazakhstanian reporter Borat.

I know: They’re very similar. We’re here to help.