Everything That Rises

Convergences, according to former New Yorker contributor Lawrence Weschler, are ”bizarre associations, eerie rhymes, whispered recollections,” and they’ve been his obsession for years, the way some people collect stamps. Simply, a convergence is two images that share a connection, whether obvious — neurons and tree branches, for example — or unexpected, like the adolescent South Asian insurgent twins who evoke Raphael’s cherubs. Everything That Rises comes in a fancy hardcover made with McSweeney’s familiar meticulous craftsmanship, but the image reproduction is poor; still, the majority of Weschler’s observations are thoughtful, welcome, and sure to make you start looking at the world in a more relative way. It’s only in the longer, picture-free essays about Eastern European politics that focus might drift… but that’s probably our fault, not his.

Everything That Rises
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