Doctors & Nurses

Doctors & Nurses

In this filthy, hilarious, and absolutely furious little novel, Lucy Ellmann introduces Jen, an obese nurse with a letch for her hunky new boss, a doctor who tends to kill his patients. The mad plot — affair, betrayal, murder — is just a vehicle for Ellmann’s stunning riffs on everything from the language of handbags (”Tiny shiny hand-held PODS for flighty ice maidens; galumphing CARPET-BAGS for the jilted and jaded…”) to drainage: ”People are always draining things! Not just WOUNDS, or PASTA, but innocent things like MARSHLAND. Moisture incurs censure. It can never simply be LEFT.” You may be puzzled by Ellmann’s penchant for capital letters, but you’ll find they keep you paying ATTENTION to the strange and fascinating Doctors & Nurses.

Doctors & Nurses
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