What’s all that noise? The wild cheering? The clanging of metal? Why, yes, it’s time for the PopWatch Steel Cage, where today we’ll feature a showdown among three big-screen actors who’ve signed on for roles in fall TV pilots. Only one can survive, so weigh in for your favorite in the comments section below.

-Smokin’ hottie Gina Gershon (Bound, pictured) has signed up for the NBC pilot Lipstick Jungle, a dramedy about three (presumably sexy) Manhattan businesswomen.

Erika Christensen (Swimfan, Flightplan) has come aboard ABC’s soap opera Six Degrees, about the tangled lives of unconnected Manhattanites, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Ving Rhames is now attached to the CW’s Aquaman pilot, where he’ll portray the superhero’s mentor, McCaffery.

Which are you most excited to see? (Click the jump for Mike’s answer…)

addCredit(“Gina Gershon: Jeff Vespa/”)

Personally, I’m most excited about seeing Gershon in a weekly series (only because I’ve erased Snoops from my memory). Still, if Christensen manages to holler ”You love me I know it!” at any point in the Six Degrees pilot, I could easily be swayed to her series.