Sure, Kanye West has a huge ego, but he’s also the first person to make fun of it. Witness the new Chris Milk-directed video for ”Touch the Sky,” now playing all over the Web, including at AOL Music. The clip, whose shoot was chronicled in EW’s recent West cover story, features the rapper as ”Evel Kanyevel,” preparing to jump the Grand Canyon in a rocket like the one the real Evel used in his ill-fated Snake River Canyon jump in the ’70s.

Pamela Anderson gives what may be the best acting performance of her career as West’s disapproving sweetheart, while Nia Long and Tracee Ellis Ross are also along for the ride (they get a hilarious, angry interlude in the middle of the clip). The song, which leans heavily on a sample from Curtis Mayfield’s 1970 hit ”Move on Up,” meshes well with Milk’s retro visuals, styled to look like an old Roger Corman bikesploitation flick. The satirical point of West’s high-flying stunt metaphor is pretty obvious, but West also pokes fun at his anti-Bush outburst last fall, as well as the possibility that his career arc could end with a crash-and-burn. Not today, though, not today.