Well it’s about time: Thirty-two-year-old Hello Kitty, an international superstar who’s downright ancient by Hollywood standards, is finally getting her own show: Hello Kitty, Stamp Village, a 26-part series that will air in 15 countries, according to her overlord manufacturer Sanrio. “The plan is to target a world market. So the program will be created in an easy format to dub or narrate into foreign languages,” said Sanrio spokesman Kazuo Tohmatsu said. Which should be easy, considering Hello Kitty has no mouth. (Shudder.)

Before Hello locks into any completed script, however, might we suggest she aim to show a little more range than usual? Perhaps her latest character could be part of a clone army, or better still, join a breakdancing troupe. That’d be mad addictive, don’tcha think?

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