Growing Pains: The Complete First Season

In 1985, the Seavers — the subject of Growing Pains: The Complete First Season — joined the Huxtables and the Keatons to form a triumvirate of adorable, tight-knit sitcom families. Alan Thicke, just off Thicke of the Night (the talk show which he calls ”a national joke”), was the best-known cast member, but he was soon upstaged by teen idol/ Tiger Beat mainstay Kirk Cameron, who played the not-so-bad boy Mike. Granted, every episode ends too neatly with a lesson learned, but considering that over the past 20 years we’ve endured umpteen shows about clueless parents outwitted by know-it-all kids (Married…With Children, That ’70s Show), it’s comforting to revisit a time when Mother and Father still knew best. EXTRAS Scenes from an unaired pilot show Tracey Gold’s character played by another actress, and a ”Seaver Family Reunion” ends with the cast’s painful, a cappella rendition of the theme song. But what brings a sly grin is writer Tim O’Donnell zinging Cameron with ”If you’re waiting around for a smart actor…it could be a while. You gotta take someone who’s cute and can do the jokes — which you sure could.”

Growing Pains: The Complete First Season
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