Footballers Wive$

This just in: Tarts are hella trendy. No, not the rhubarb or blueberry varieties, but rather, the naughty female type. Look at this weekend’s entertainment roster and decide for yourself, if you must. But trust me: Somewhere, Tara Reid is raising a toast.

– The third-season premiere of Footballers Wive$ (pictured) is slated for Sunday night (BBC America, 10-11 pm), and as Alynda Wheat points out in her primer on the series in this week’s EW, it ”engages in more sex, scandal, and general Omigod-the-English-actually-get-away-with-this-on-regular-television?! antics than ever before.” (Gimme a T!)

– Season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy is out on DVD this week (EW gives it a B+), and lest anyone forget, it kicks off with the titular character engaging in a drunken one-night stand with the not-exactly-divorced Dr. McDreamy. (Gimme an A!)

– Scarlett Johansson’s character in Oscar-nominated Match Point? Well, let’s say she’s not exactly a nun.(Gimme an R!)

– Here’s some good news: Now, you can read about trashy ladies without having to be seen with an embarrassing bodice-ripper featuring Fabio on the cover. In the Company of the Courtesan is about a woman who ”sleeps with any man who can put up the ducats,” according to EW’s Jennifer Reese, who gives the book a B. (Gimme a T!)

– And, of course, let’s not forget TV’s most popular bad girls: It’s a good bet the women of Wisteria Lane will be in bawdy form on Desperate Housewives this Sunday (ABC, 9-10 pm). (Gimme an S!)

Put it together and what’ve you got? All together now…

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