Heath Ledger's ''Brokeback'' follow-up -- The Oscar nominee talks about why his post-Academy Awards plans don't involve movies

Second chances are rare in Hollywood, so when they happen, you play’em like the stock market: Sell yourself, and sell fast. Says George Clooney of the time between Oscar noms and the show: ”We make all our deals before the iron has cooled.”

Then what is Heath Ledger waiting for? The Aussie actor — whose It Boy status born of 1999’s 10 Things I Hate About You was dinged by a string of flops — couldn’t be hotter after his Best Actor nod for Brokeback Mountain. And yet, save a wee gig directing a music video, his schedule remains as empty as that sparse Wyoming frontier land. ”I’m not interested in reading any [scripts]. I want to take a year off and be with my family,” says Ledger, 26, whose fiancée, Brokeback‘s Michelle Williams, gave birth to their first child in October. According to Brian Helgeland, who directed Ledger in A Knight’s Tale, the actor is unlikely to budge. ”Whatever someone tells him to do, I know he wouldn’t listen to it. He’d be wary of parlaying this into anything.”

If that makes him a unique creature in Hollywood, Ledger doesn’t sound concerned. ”I have no plan of attack,” he says in his deep mumble. ”I like for it to fall from the sky and land in my lap.”