SCREEN GEM: The Best Man (1999)

Great role: Terrence Howard in ”The Best Man”

PREMISE The weekend before Lance (Morris Chestnut) gets married, several of his college buddies gather, including guitar-picking womanizer Quentin (Howard, right) and best man Harper (Taye Diggs, left), who’s about to publish a novel with characters modeled on his old friends.

FUN FACT Howard’s performance in The Best Man earned him a job offer from filmmaker John Singleton, but he didn’t accept until 2005’s Hustle & Flow and Four Brothers. ”It’s like the stock market,” the actor told EW. ”You can trade in your nice little stock tomorrow, but you won’t get the payday you would if you sit on it and let it grow.”

WHY IT’S GREAT As in Hustle, Howard invests a role that could have been a stock caricature with surprising humanity and sensitivity. Also, he steals the movie from putative stars Chestnut and Diggs.