SCREEN GEM: Dick (1999)
Kirsten Dunst, Dick, ...
Credit: Dick: M.Grossman

Great role: Michelle Williams in ”Dick”

PREMISE In this Clueless-meets-All the President’s Men satire, the Deep Throat who brings down Richard Nixon (Dan Hedaya) turns out to be two ditsy D.C. high school students, Arlene (Williams, right) and Betsy (Kirsten Dunst, left), who become privy to White House secrets when the president hires them to walk his dog.

FUN FACT Dave Foley, who played White House Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman, told EW that working with Williams and Dunst, both born well after Watergate, made him feel old. ”They were like, ‘What was it like to live in the ’70s and have to fight woolly mammoths every morning for your food?”’

WHY IT’S GREAT As a teen who goes from lovestruck hero worship (Nixon replaces Bobby Sherman as her pinup crush) to righteous anger, Williams is hilarious in this priceless and underrated spoof.