SCREEN GEM: Walking and Talking (1996)

Great role: Catherine Keener in ”Walking and Talking”

PREMISE When her best friend Laura (Anne Heche) gets engaged, the resentful and romantically unattached Amelia (Keener, left) sees her life going into a comical tailspin, including involvement with a couple of doofy guys (Liev Schreiber, right, and Kevin Corrigan).

FUN FACT It took writer/director Nicole Holofcener five years to raise the cash to make this Sundance hit, her debut film and the first of three to date she’s directed starring Keener (including 2001’s Lovely & Amazing and 2006’s Friends With Money).

WHY IT’S GREAT In what feels like a fully lived-in performance, the versatile Keener showcases her ability to shift deftly between comedy and drama.