A first look at HBO's ''Big Love'' -- We preview the controversial new HBO dramedy

They inhabit three separate homes, lined in a row sharing a single backyard, but in this exclusive peek at HBO’s latest drama we see precisely where the 11 members of the Henrickson family — one husband, three wives, seven kids — gather most: the kitchen of eldest wife Barb (Tripplehorn). ”This is the heart of the three houses,” says co-creator Will Scheffer. ”They’ll have breakfast here all together before running off to work and school. They could be America’s next great family.” Just don’t call them Mormon — the church banned polygamy in 1890, and they’re a mite tetchy that the show could suggest otherwise.

Jeanne Tripplehorn ”I rule the roost?rather unwillingly, but I do. That’s the great thing about Barb; she’s a reluctant leader of the wives.”

Chloë Sevigny ”Nicki’s quite competitive. She’s a little, ‘Barb got new drapes and I should get new drapes.’ But her drapes have to be, like, 10 times better.”

Ginnifer Goodwin ”Margene is the renegade. I sneak off and make friends, which is, you know, illegal in our house because our situation is illegal in the world.”

Bill Paxton ”Barb was Bill’s first love. We met at college in Utah and polygamy was far from my mind. I wanted a monogamous relationship.”

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