Do we need another ''Breakfast at Tiffany's'' DVD? -- Grading the updated version of Truman Capote's classic romantic comedy

Do we need another ”Breakfast at Tiffany’s” DVD?

To celebrate its Anniversary Edition, Truman Capote’s romantic comedy is decorated with new baguettes, including a commentary.

SO SOLLY! In a making-of doc, director Blake Edwards admits that Mickey Rooney’s grotesque caricature of a Japanese man, with buckteeth and bottle glasses, is a flaw in his jewel, and adds that he’d recast the George Peppard role. (Star Patricia Neal says Peppard, who played her boy toy, disliked her character’s dominance in the original script.) Everyone lauds Audrey Hepburn and her waiflike kookiness as Holly Golightly, although producer Richard Shepherd says initially Paramount had doubted the elegant actress would play a call girl, and Marilyn Monroe was eager for the part.

A TIFFANY BAUBLE A history of the store reveals that Tiffany & Co. makes the Super Bowl trophy, and that Hepburn is one of only two people (the other is socialite Mrs. Sheldon Whitehouse) to have worn its famed 128.54-carat canary diamond.

FASHIONISTA ALERT ”It’s So Audrey — A Style Icon” looks at the career-long alliance of Hepburn and the designer Givenchy, who created her look of solid colors and stylish hats.

WORTH A SECOND LOOK? Yes. It’s a treasure.

Breakfast at Tiffany's
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